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Désirée, a manufacturer of upholstered furniture since 1968, based in Tezze di Piave near Treviso, a land that in recent decades has experienced extraordinary industrial growth so as to represent, together with the entire Northeast, an example of a model of development of the most significant the world. Désirée has been part of the Euromobil Group, which also includes Euromobil kitchens and Zalf furniture, since 1995. Each company has retained its own structural set-up and its own specific know-how, but the companies have exchanged their experiences of technology, management procedures and product distribution.

Désirée philosophy mainly focuses on manufacturing an industrial product, in the upholstered furniture sector, with guaranteed quality and comfort for different uses. Its extensive collection of upholstered furniture includes armchairs, sofas, convertibles, beds and complementary items for the home and for contract furnishing schemes.

Désirée has always used only natural and eco-compatible raw materials that are fully recyclable such as wood, metal and leather. To protect the product, all the packaging used is protected by nylon, is made of very thick cardboard that is shut using hot glue. All the packaging is 100% recyclable.

A production that is 100% Made-in-Italy and bears the Désirée divani trademark. Each model’s sofà design achieves a unique balance of lines and volumes in a perfect synthesis of refinement and comfort.

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