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The factory SIGMA L2 was founded 30 years ago by Paolo Granchi, who was the son of a very famous sculptor in Florence - Delio Granchi. He showed to the world his first lamps models under the name Sigma Elle Due (later SIGMA L2). At that time it was clear that the connoisseurs of modern art got the new favourite.

SIGMA L2 has the collections, which have own "face", common concept combining all goods into one set and art design. Besides collections according the latest modern designer trends, there’re lots of sets by SIGMA L2, which can be named as modern look at classic with the recreation of the beautiful historical past.

The passing of time and technological progress made SIGMA L2 keener and keener to discover new materials and designs, and to explore new manufacturing solutions, expanding production processes which currently use multiple materials: crystal, brass, metal, wood, stone, resin, leather, fabric, and so on.

Today there are such goods like original furniture, sculptures, vases and, of course, famous chandeliers, standard lamps and lamps in the collections of SIGMA L2.

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