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Family business FAUSTIG – is the world leader in crystal chandeliers manufacture in Germany. For nearly 50 years FAUSTIG chandeliers decorate homes, palaces, museums and theaters. The combination of exclusive design and highest quality become a business card of the factory. In the collections of this company classical models traditionally prevail, however, the modern fashion trends also have found their place in the product range FAUSTIG.

Today company FAUSTIG produces about 1000 various typical chandeliers, and also has already created more than 10 thousand of original authoring copies, made according to individual customers' requests.

Each of the chandeliers FAUSTIG – is a work of art from the crystal. The crystals for their valuable objects are usually Swarovski crystals: precisely cut, immaculately polished and with perfect refraction for extraordinary brilliance. For the construction Faustig uses only brass and bronze, plus stainless steel for sections which are subject to particular stress. Silver is used for the soldering. The 24-carat gold plating (customers may also request other surfaces such as nickel, silver or platinum) requires a high degree of attention; the magnificent chandeliers are often installed on cruise liners, in Arab palaces or the luxury hotels of exclusive seaside resorts where they are subjected to salty or sandy air.

The most famous chandelier FAUSTIG was made in 2000. It height is14 m and it diameter is 8 meters. The weight of this beauty is more than 8.5 tons. This original chandelier decorates the main mosque of Oman today; it is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

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