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Ursus Biliardi has brought to bear over 60 years’ expertise and experience in the manufacture of tournament level billiard tables. The result is a new line of so called “Furniture Pieces”, authentic reproductions which combine superior technical characteristics with the sublime elegance of original period gems.

The quality of a billiard table has many facets; how well it is constructed has a direct effect on the quality of game it offers. Ursus Biliardi uses only premium quality exotic woods such as Amazaquè, Etimoè and Serrado de Cerejera, all of which are characterised by stupendous colours, tones and grains. With the exception of highly sensitive calibrating machinery used to position the playing surface, the work of constructing each billiard table is all manual. And precisely because the process is entrusted to cabinet makers, carpenters and decorators who are masters of their art, Ursus Biliardi can guarantee finished products which are technically and aesthetically perfect.

Billiard tables of Ursus Biliardi exude the beauty of age, reawakening the pleasure of good living in an atmosphere redolent with elegance and style. Given that a billiard table is substantial enough to furnish an entire room on its own, it will certainly be an important décor element in your home.

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