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Furniture brand JNL was established in Belgium around 12 years ago, however that quickly became known throughout the world. Moreover, thanks to the consolidation of several elite Belgian brands JNL, Vanhamme and Emanuel Ungaro Home, JNL Group now is the large group of luxury companies.

JNL group brings a new wave of creativity to made-to-measure design with its impeccable mastery of the fabrication process. Upholsterers, woodworkers, sculptors, blacksmiths, and technicians, JNL’s artisans breathe new life into an ancestral art that renders each creation unique.

JNL, more precisely its direction Vanhamme is the favorite furniture brand of the Royal dynasty of Belgium. Its history takes us back to 1895, when in Brussels Jean Van Hamme created a small and modest workshop for production of furniture, which today is the oldest Belgium factory that creates unique pieces of furniture and interior items with love and deepest respect for the handcraft traditions and national culture. 

Today, after five generations past the  Vanhamme furninure is still is created mainly by hand, keeping the style and spirit of the handicraft processing of unique breeds of a tree.

In 2013, JNL launched its first home furnishings collection under the Emanuel Ungaro Home brand. The concept is based on the idea of ​​three-dimensional perception of space: not only tactile (many fabrics and precious wood), aesthetic, but, above all, the sense of smell. The house "in the style of Ungaro" smells like a branded expensive perfume. Furniture design is more reminiscent of haute couture design: the items seem to be "tailored". Ungaro's style is a discreet off-show luxury.

Ungaro is characterized not only by the use of precious materials (wenge, goncalo, rosewood), but also by the widespread use of fabrics. All collections are produced at JNL's own production facilities located in Europe.

JNL demonstrates the  soft neo-classical design, without unnecessary decorative elements, strict and laconic art Deco, which has deep historical roots. The main features of the furniture JNL are elegance, the austerity and purity of lines , as well as absolute convenience in use. JNL is a perfect blend of luxury, dignity and of the present monarchy greatness.

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