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In 1980, after a significant experience in brass production, Mr. Mario Arizzi decided to undertake his own activity, giving rise to its handicraft business.

From the outset, Arizzi's production has always been featured by the high quality and craftsmanship in making precious objects, first drawn then reproduced in wood sculptures, brass cast and hand chiseled.

For over thirty years Arizzi has been realizing products entirely hand-made, in different styles: Louis XIV, Louis XV, Dutch, Baroque, Empire, Liberty etc.

Lighting items (chandeliers, lanterns, wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps) including customized items on request, are very popular with antique dealers, designers and architects who regularly operate in the international market.

Strength of Arizzi lies in the great craftsmanship that can satisfy any request for items that are included in the most important projects of furnishing, but especially in the strong will which is always demanded by the owner, Arizzi Mario.

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