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Italfama was founded in 1976 in Italy thanks to the hobby of its founder, Aldo Marsili, who was a chess player and was fond of making chess pieces. Today the factory is located in Florence, Italy.

The most popular and best known product of Italfama is chess sets. Italfama chess is a real work of art. Products of this company are made only of the highest quality materials: chessboards made of onyx and Carrara marble, mahogany and elm rhizomes (and other valuable wood species), as well as high-quality leather, figurines: cast from bronze (using the technology of lost moth) and covered with gold or silver (24K and 5 microns thick), they are handcrafted from start to finish. Such chess will harmoniously complement any exquisite interior, made in the old style, living rooms and rooms of luxury hotels.

For interior decoration, Italfama also offers a rich selection of figurines. The collection of sculptures is widely represented by ancient Greek deities, heroes of legends and famous historical figures.

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