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Founded in 1962, Leucos resulted from a masterful merge of rising design enthusiasm in the 1960s and the most refined traditions of handcrafted Murano glass. An artistic combination of Old World glass techniques and modern engineering, Leucos has become a renowned leader of contemporary glass lighting designs. With its artistic philosophy focused on the value of design, Leucos' offerings continue to mature, emphasized by collaborations with renowned international designers. Today, Leucos presents a versatile and sophisticated line of specialty products, including recessed lighting, ceiling fixtures, desk lamps, floor lamps, and table lamps.

The diversification of three coherent areas to embrace three original formal languages, different but united by common values: we originate from here, from the sharing. The three divisions are united by material enhancing as expressive mean. They are instead divided by something emotional, intimate, characterising the shape, difficult to tell; but at the same time by something visible, tangible, by a geometry of taste and function to design different lights. IDEA, STUDIO, and MODO are the names of the three divisions. Strong and universal sounds which emphasise the Made in Italy as a universal design language. This is also the company mission, looking at the world.

Back in the sixties, design met Murano glass, innovation married tradition gaving birth to LEUCOS’s style. IDEA reinterpretates that same creative inspiration and while respecting its roots is ready to embrace any modern expression of design needing glass. Lighting fixtures Created with aesthetic rigour, perfect sinthesys of formal research and materic innovation.

Where one finds creativity applied to everyday life, and the object is imagined and morphed to blend perfectly with architecture and interior design. This is STUDIO, the new line conceived as Leucos’s work space evolution of trends and functions, on new materials and light sources. Light fixture as beautiful as sculptures, yet pure design, for their strict respect of the requirements of contemporary living.

Inspired by 16th century art of manipulating glass to create extraordinaries masterpieces of light and transparencies, MODO is the new LEUCOS’s line that brings to date the values of the old gestures and of a respectful approach while creating the piece. Modo gathers innovative classic creations, uptodate witnesses of a fashion proof. Harmonic ideal that survives the times.

During 2010 Leucos renewed the certification for its quality control system in conformity with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards. This evidence how the company processes and their interaction are all carried out to the strictest quality control standards for the products, service and customer satisfaction, which are priorities in all the company activities.

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