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One of the oldest Italian factories for the production of furniture Fasolin was founded in 1895. Her story began quite traditionally, with a small family workshop that was passed down from generation to generation. Today, the company specializes in the production of classic elegant furniture for the home. Their work is to create practical, functional furniture that at the same time can convey emotions, made to furnish the space with balance and harmony.

The Fasolin range includes both individual pieces of furniture and complete sets for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, classrooms and libraries. The model range is constantly updated with new exquisite products and collections that combine the skill in working with wood, accumulated over the centuries and modern technology. Their commitment, combined with technology and continuous research into stylistic forms, has allowed they for many years and today allows they to offer their customers multiple solutions to meet the widest demands. The development of new models of furniture is done by exceptionally talented and professional artists, designers and designers, who create real masterpieces.

As the main material for the manufacture of Fasolin products, flawless, durable wood is used, among which cherry is most often encountered. To emphasize the natural color and texture of wood is used manual grinding, polishing and coating with beeswax. In addition, some designs and parts of products are tinted with water-based tinting varnishes, which give a unique color and at the same time serve to protect the surface from external influences and minor scratches. Occasionally, durable metal, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze and various alloys are used in production, as well as flawless mirror, aged or bronze glass. For upholstery materials it uses elite varieties and varieties of textiles, which has high wear resistance and beautiful patterns, and genuine leather.

The unsurpassed quality, elegant lines and harmonious shapes, embodied by the best craftsmen in Fasolin pieces of furniture, make them popular all over the world.

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