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Founded in 1936, Maletti Group is now a leading industrial company in the world of furniture and equipment for hair stylists, spas and beauty farms.A passion for design, innovation and technology. A passion which has led Maletti to hold the unchallenged global leadership in furniture for hairdressing salons, a jewel in the crown of Italian production around the world.

The wish to continuously improve the working tools of hair stylists, in terms of both appearance and functionality, has driven Maletti in its historical choice of working with designers of international fame over the years. A choice which has revolutionised style and set all the trends which have made their mark in salon furnishing over the past 30 years. Maletti's salon furniture range is produced to the highest quality with stunning design. The range is broken down into sections: Maletti, Presence Paris and Boheme collection, each one offering something very special.

Research and technological innovation applied to salon furnishing by Maletti has deeply changed working tools in hair salons, making them more comfortable for the operators, but also for the clients, often turning the simple services provided by the salon into veritable experiences for the clientele. Great innovation also for the work stations, including screens integrated into the mirrors and the introduction of the technical table as a new furnishing element. All innovations which were introduced for the first time by Maletti, and which over the years have become standards for the sector.

The result is a catalogue of excellently designed hairdressing chairs and wash stands, the widest product portfolio in the sector, that is also technically performing and boasts high quality, functionality and ergonomics, offered at extremely competitive prices.

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