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Nextep is a manufacturer of leather wall and floor coverings. The company's specialists have developed a technology that made it possible to bond a layer of specially impregnated calfskin with a porcelain stoneware base. The floors tiled with "leather" tiles are abrasion resistant, dampen footsteps and appear warmer than conventional porcelain stoneware. Over time, the coating ages nobly. Floor maintenance consists of periodic cleaning with a damp cloth. The Leather Surfaces collection includes elements of three formats (60x30 cm, 45x45 cm, 60x60 cm), eight color options, six types of textures.

There are two collections: Nextep and Kaleidos. The first one is represented by tiles in 8 color options and 6 types of decorative embossing (under the skin of an elephant / zebra / caiman / damask pattern / weaving in the form of braids / lily). The second collection, which includes mosaics, is divided into three series according to color and decor: Retro, Contemporanea and Fashion. In the production of tiles and mosaics, the leather is tanned with natural tannins, dyed with aniline dyes and covered with paraffin to protect it from water and grease. Thanks to the non-standard "leather" coating, tiles and mosaics have excellent sound insulation properties.

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