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Ozzio Italia is an Italian leader in interior design and it isn't surprising to see that it was born in Milan, the capital of design and fashion. Ozzio was founded in the 90s to then grow at a very rapid pace, meeting the demands of an ever-evolving world. Ozzio Italia is an italian company specialised in the production of tables, chairs and complementary furniture, a fast-growing business in the national and international market.

The Ozzio Italia collection is characterised by a particular interpretation of contemporary lifestyle, fruit of a vision that gathers inspiration from the whole world and transforms it in unmistakably italian design propositions. The creative concept – and the reason why too – are the expression of multifunctional products that really give concrete answers to the steady lack of space, typical of contemporary living. In Ozzio items for interior design, not only the shape and the product’s perception are changing, but their function changes as well.

The philosophy that Ozzio Italia follows in handcrafting their design lies in a statement: "Space is moving". Ozzio is all about liberating your spaces from unnecessary objects and bringing the essentials in, creating a world of contrast and beauty, without sacrificing on free movement. A concrete answer to the steady lack of space typical of contemporary life. A complete collection of space saving products, either dynamics performing, coming from patented studies, original and brand-oriented.

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