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Founded in 2009 by William Pianta after a long-time experience as lighting designer, Nahoor gathers the great Italian tradition of the lighting design renewing it with new technologies and its own view of making light. A constant research for beauty, which is the result of the harmonious relationship of each single part, gives origin to lamps, which are able to occupy the space without invading it.

Nahoor products are made with traditional and high quality materials: metal, glass, wood and fabrics. The wide range of choice available between the raw materials used, polished or burnished brass, from brass to copper, from teak to wenge or ebony wood, provides almost infinite combinations of alternatives.

All Nahoor products are 100% Made in Italy. Each Nahoor model is produced entirely in Italy: Italian artisans produce and finish each handmade object, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the most advanced technology to ensure the highest quality of authentic Made in Italy.

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