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Lapalma was founded in the 1980’s by the Marcato brothers, Dario and Romano. Their initial enthusiasm for combining metal wood and leather to produce the first pieces of their collection has endured and developed to the current, complete, award-winning collection of products, updated with colour, comfort, personality and elegance.

Lapalma is a brand, but first and foremost it is a place of work and a laboratory, whose strengths are the skills and know-how of expert craftsmen who share with the company’s founders a commitment and a passion for their work that is transmitted to all who work here. Lapalma, began as a family business, producing furniture for offices and public spaces, with a preference from the outset for using natural, recyclable materials. Today the company has designer Francesco Rota at the helm as Art Director.

Lapalma’s blend of good design and aesthetic appeal produces furniture with a strong personality and has seen contributions from designers of international renown. Lapalma offers you a collection of furniture that combines their trademark quality with exquisite clean lines. Key pieces from the Lapalma collection include the Lem Stool, Brio Tables and designed Olo Chair. The products appeal with their simple and straight-lined form, high quality and thought-out functionality.

All Lapalma products are checked in an ample quality control regarding material and function before leaving the plant in Cadoneghe near Padua. Rational design and high quality are the recipe for success of Lapalma.

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