Rosa Splendiani Italy Lead time 60 days

During the 60’ Mrs Rosa Splendiani and her husband Giuseppe are land farmers in a tiny little village on the hills of Italy’s Marche region. Suddenly Giuseppe has an accident that leaves him barely alive, but no longer fit to carry out the customary hard physical work. Invalid, he is therefore forced to find another occupation, that is fit to his condition. Together with his wife and little child, he decides to move to the town of Mogliano, once known for its craftsmen and their art of wicker weaving. He finds out to have great ability and his talent makes him contended by most craftsmen in town. However, it is thanks to Mrs Rosa’s intuition that the two open their own workshop producing accessories, small furniture and other rattan items. Giuseppe’s skill and Rosa’s business attitude lead quite soon to a certain success.

Soon Rosa Splendiani becomes a benchmark for so-called ethnic or colonial style furniture, having a complete range, an exhaustive catalogue and mostly important a substantial stock that enables they to have almost every item available straight away. The product range and the collections have grown constantly: in particular since 2000 their range include a wide choice of outdoor furniture.

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