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Lucide is a unique Belgian family business with head office located in Antwerp. The company was founded in 1992. Nowadays, Lucide has an extensive collection of indoor lighting and outdoor lighting complemented by a successful line of light sources. In addition to the already existing stylish collection, Lucide launches new designs each year.

The Lucide's indoor lighting collection of includes a wide range of pendant lights, wall lights, standing lamps, table lamps and ceiling lights. The company also offers you outdoor collection and a complete range within the light sources. The search for innovative, energy saving lighting designs, developing high quality and sustainable products and packaging and guaranteeing the best value for money are by far the most important priorities of the company.

Lucide currently present more than 2000 lighting fixtures in a broad range of styles. You can opt for cottage, classic, industrial or modern lighting. You can also choose lighting in more unique styles, such as oriental, retro, Scandinavian and vintage.

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