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Ultom Italia is an exclusive modern wooden Made In Italy furniture brand. The Italian tradition of masterly carpentry and the secrets of workmanship have been passed on from father to son since the beginning of the century reaching nowadays its third generation: from the little craftsman's workshop to a productive space of 15.000 square metres. To understand and to develop at one's best the Office Furniture world, Ultom works together with architects and designers to create a range of products, one of the most complete in the furniture market, with special attention to the functional and aesthetical aspects.

Ultom Italia specializes in office furniture like cabinets, wall cabinets, bookcases and tables. Elegance, precision and prestige. The collection of furniture Ultom Italia combines uncompromising, minimalist shapes and lines control with extremely polished details. All modern office furniture needs to create a strong presence that embodies prestige.

The working office is the place where the new complex technologies and operations require integrated furniture systems, together with flexibility and functionality. In response to these requirements for real service, with particular attention to the economic, quality and formal aspects, Ultom Italia has created a cohesive range of operational systems, of storage furniture, of equipped partitions, of reception desks, taking care of the certification of the materials used, the choice of colours and respect for ergonomics.

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