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Lambert & Fils is a Montreal-based lighting design studio founded in 2010 by Samuel Lambert. The studio’s original and custom lamps for residential and commercial settings take cues from mid-century Modernism, the Industrial Age, and Lambert’s own minimalist aesthetic. The studio revisits iconic motifs across the range of these influences to create its own distinctive collections. Lambert & Fils draws inspiration from art, design and architecture history to create sleek yet poetic lights, in which apparent simplicity does not exclude design complexity.

Although not from a formal design background, Lambert had always yearned for a way to work with his hands (his late father owned a pottery workshop). He started refurbishing vintage lamps and learned about the design and technical aspects, which eventually led to designing his own lights, fine-tuning his minimalist aesthetic, and founding Lambert & Fils. Today the company has its own boutique and showroom on Beaubien Street, plus a separate manufacturing location. Lambert and his team make a range of lamps out of brass, powder-coated aluminum, and marble, and offer both custom and ready-made designs, all with a notably bare, elegant look.

Lambert & Fils represent different collections. The Laurent Collection is а series of thin forms compliment the Laurent globes—forms that carve through space, moving between line, surface, and volume. The Beaubien Collection is strong black lines bend in and out of space, moving effortlessly between simplicity and ornamentation. Dorval Collection is a lighting collection layered in history, a subtle interplay between contemporary and vintage industrial design. Hutchison Collection uses the archetype of the arch. Mile Collection offers a variation on the linear suspension, pared down to its simplest, asymmetrical expression, with two lines floating in surprising equilibrium. The Clark Collection pushes the limits of form without sacrificing functionality. The Cliff Collection brings together the best of Lambert & fils Studio in its use of many signature elements. The Dot Collection combines the directness of exposed, spherical bulbs with the rich materiality of brass. The main feature of the Waldorf Collection combines an open hemispherical shade with a cylindrical socket cover. All collections are designed, manufactured and assembled in Montreal.

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