Ditre Italia Italy Lead time 60 days

Ditre Italia has longstanding experience in the upholstered furniture sector. Founded in 1976 by the De Marchi brothers, DitreItalia’s ongoing improvement in business performance has allowed the company to grow quickly and have excellent expertise in the upholstered furniture area.

Ditre Italia has two production units, spanning a total covered surface area of 40,000m2. Its headquarters is in Cordignano: this includes a large new showroom, created according to a particularly advanced concept of interior design, and offices, where designs are produced, marketing strategies are devised, sales policies are developed and administrative activities are carried out.

The classic Ditre Italia sofa is a sensory experience intended to preserve and recall the bygone values of daily life that seem to have been lost. Every detail of each sofa is the outcome of meticulous craftsmanship that is clearly visible. Fine trimmings and a skilful balance of colour contrasts and matches. Everything has been designed so that Ditre Italia sofas are stand out with their reassuring and longlasting appearance.

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