Tonelli Design Italy Lead time 60 days

Born in the 80s from a deep passion for research and experimentation, Tonelli Design is a reality the world of design refers to, specialized in manufacturing of glass furniture and complements. Its philosophy is based on a combination of tradition and innovation, essential elements that, combined with the passion for this extraordinary material, contribute to promote the glass culture.

Tonelli has a history of working with international designers such as Karim Rashid and Isao Hosoe.  Tonelli Design is well know for its forward design thinking approach which results in stunning furniture that is also practical for day to day use. For example, the Livingstone dining table which has a beautiful extending feature, making catering for those unexpected guests easy or is the iconic Farniente table with slender central column leg.

Tonelli Design are also very well know for other furniture ranges and what better way to create a stunning center point in your home than with one of their beautifully crafted coffee tables. Ti coffee table is manufacture using 3 beautifully angled thick glass sheets. For a great combination of glass and metal you have to check the Plinksy Coffee table which shows perfect combination of material.

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