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SitLand is a famous Italian furniture factory founded in 1977 near Vicenza, a place where cultural traditions and technology, history and innovative developments blend. Since 1982, the factory has been launching industrial production of office chairs, cinema chairs and even chairs for hairdressing salons. Until 2018, the factory focuses on continuous improvement of ergonomics, design and technology in the production of office chairs.

SitLand prioritises quality, research and experimentation with new technical solutions that lead to the design and production of systems with avant-garde design that combines quality and technology, ergonomics and harmony. SitLand has its own design office; production is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality standards of the International Organisation for Standardisation.

SitLand furniture can be seen at major international furniture exhibitions. The company has repeatedly won national and international design awards for the best product design combined with functionality and ergonomics. For its customers, SitLand offers flexible office equipment solutions, maximum functionality and memorable design.

Since 5 April 2018, the factory has been part of the MIG - Mezzalira Investment Group. An organization unique in its kind, 100% Italian capital: JESSE for home, ROTALIANA for lighting, SINETICA and SITLAND for office. Expanding business development opportunities by 360° in offices and home interiors.

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