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Swan Italia Srl was founded in 1963, thanks to the experience and business skills of the Proserpio family. The company, specialized in the production of upholstered furniture and based in Vighizzolo di Cantù, has made an immediate name for itself as a reference point for the market, not just in Italy but also abroad.

On 31 October 2011, Swan obtained the official certification, “100% Made in Italy”. The ITPI, Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers, has in fact acknowledged such solid Company values as style, design, accurate craftsmanship, technical manufacturing know-how and product quality, thus attesting to the production of collections totally, conceived, manufactured and assembled in Italy.

Swan upholstered furniture stands out for its solid wood structure. The most commonly used woods are: poplar, beech and pine, sometimes simultaneously. In particularly long models (from 250 cm plus), the structure may be further strengthened through the use of metal bars and/or parts. In order to obtain the correct support and impeccable seat elasticity in its upholstered furniture, Swan uses reinforced elastic straps, secured directly to the wood or iron structure. The straps are all made from polypropylene and natural rubber.

All Swan's seating collections are available with either a fabric or leather cover. As regards the fabrics, Swan offers its clients the chance to choose between a huge range of different textiles. Textiles with different structures (canvas, panama, jacquard, bouclé, velvet, chenille, plain dye or patterned, etc.), finishes (calendering, sanforisation, Teflon finish, Scotchgard, "stone washed" effect, "worn" effect, etc.) and threads. Most of its fabrics are made from natural fibres (linen, cotton, viscose, wool, silk, hemp, etc.), in various blends, some of which contain synthetic fibres: including fire resistant products, which guarantee high performances in terms of wear resistance and washability. The leather used by Swan is also characterised by high quality standards, being selected from leather obtained from European cattle. Like the fabrics, it is available in a wide range of colours and shades and in different finishes, in order to cater for different aesthetic requirements.

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