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In 1959, Renato Roberti founded the Roberti Rattan company. The company, with a clear goal - furnishing public places with original and high quality wood and wicker furniture that meets all the requirements of society.

Today, the Roberti Rattan factory (art director of Ennio Arosio) produces cabinet furniture, tables, chairs and upholstered furniture using natural rattan. The ability of rattan not to react to changes in temperature and humidity allows the use of Roberti Rattan furniture on terraces and in the garden. Roberti Rattan also uses modern technologies and materials such as aluminum frames and Sunweave (a special synthetic material used for woven parts), suitable to resist extreme weather conditions.

Today Roberti Rattan offers a variety of collections:

- the classic line of rattan and natural materials,

- modern furniture - the "Kyoto" collection,

- "Greenfield" collection for furnishing gardens, swimming pools, recreation areas,

- "Contract" collection with a variety of proposals for the contract industry,

- "Cose Cosi" collection: original furniture proposals,

- collection "Este" simple lines and precious woods, expertly crafted and inlaid with precious materials.

In addition to furniture, the Roberti Rattan factory offers numerous rattan interior items - floor lamps, sconces, flower girls and much more. All models radiate naturalness, aristocratic charm and hospitality, fascinate with their aesthetics and elegance of lines. The variety of the assortment is achieved both by the limitless variety of weaving forms, by the presence of several dozen color options, and by the use of other natural materials in the production: solid wood, seaweed, fabrics.

Roberti Rattan collaborates with leading designers such as ADRIANO BALUTTO, DEL PIERO and Ennio Arosio. Roberti Rattan now meets the growing demands of the global market and international standards, its products are certified ISO 9001: VISION 2000.

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