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The TS SALOTTI factory was founded in 1974 by Renato Testolin and Favoro Giovanna, and since that time has been producing high quality upholstered furniture from leather and fabrics.

The factory's philosophy is based on extensive experience in the world of upholstered furniture. This philosophy is expressed in the unification of creativity with the industrial process, thanks to which it is possible to realize a balanced product that can satisfy both the needs for the functionality of the furniture and the aesthetic taste of future owners. TS SALOTTI design is a whole process involving love for form, comfort and quality. Each model is the result of careful research and continuous analysis.

The production cycle begins with cutting and sewing strictly and carefully selected fabrics and leathers. Carpentry workshops produce frames exclusively from wood. Although all these materials remind of the past, at the same time, they convey that unique sense of harmony that only things made with love can give. Industrial production merges with craft technology in such a way that the resulting product is unique and comparable to a work of art. The factory's craftsmen create upholstered furniture, combining leather, fabric, rubber and down, taking care of every centimeter, every tiny detail, giving them shape, beauty and harmony.

The result: truly "exclusive" upholstered furniture, thought out to the details. The feeling of harmony and prosperity will leave an indelible impression on your guests.

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