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For over thirty years, Spagnol Salotti has summed up and conveyed into a single product all the quality, craft-based attention to detail, shape design and usage experience, as well as a selection of the finest materials for the finish and frame of sofas, armchairs and living room suites.

Living room and bedroom furniture from the Spagnol Salotti range by the Spagnol Group is suitable for neoclassical furnishings. Sofas with fabric upholstery (including modular Italian sofas), pouffes and armchairs, soft beds look great in the interior of a city apartment, cottage or hotel room. This collection has pull-out sofa beds.

The production of Spagnol Salotti allows you to give living rooms their original character and model them for every taste.
Armchairs and sofas are made in a wide range of fabric colors and shapes. Incredibly comfortable, they have been designed by in-house architects and designers who know how to express their thoughts through the product, satisfying the desires of customers.

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