Robers Germany Lead time 90 days

Since 1964 Robers have been producing high quality lighting fixtures and wrought iron work in our family owned company in Südlohn/Germany. The brand Robers symbolizes traditional hand-craft, steadiness and timeless design.

The Robers factory specializes in the production of garden and park lamps and street lighting fixtures.  Along with standard models developed by professional designers, the factory is ready to manufacture products according to customer's drawings or wishes.

The stylistic basis for all models was Gothic and Romanic. The "signature dish" is a crown-shaped chandelier with several bowls for lamps. Bras of various models are also forged, but more often in the form of torches and torch holders. Dark metal, patina, chains - all this creates the feeling of a medieval castle. In addition to lighting fixtures, the firm produces wrought iron furniture. Of course, each luminaire is forged by hand, using only high quality materials that have been specially treated and not exposed to the environment, such as aluminum, cast iron, galvanized steel and copper. And the best glassblowers in Hawaii, Italy and Germany create their glass masterpieces for the Robers factory.

Robers product specifications meet the highest international standards. All electrical components are UL marked for shipments to the USA and Canada and have passed all required tests. Robers' unique manufacturing technology allows Robers to provide a lifetime corrosion warranty on all outdoor luminaires. 


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