INSIDHERLAND Portugal Lead time 60 days

INSIDHERLAND is a Portuguese brand created by architect Joana Santos Barbosa in 2012. It has a classic Portuguese flavour, reflecting immense personality and quality. Within a few years since its launch, brand of exclusive furniture INSIDHERLAND has demonstrated the ability to amaze not only the connoisseurs, but also the experienced professional of interior design market. Each design is drawn with the personal signature of its creator. Each furniture has a story and a deep connection to nature. These pieces take shape in the hands of highly skilled Portuguese master craftsmen and jewellers.

INSIDHERLAND is a brand of exclusive furniture, lighting, upholstery and accessories positioned in strategic markets of luxury decoration. The creative eye of Joana Santos Barbosa contemplates the past and changes a distant reality by creating connections, eliminating the unnecessary and adding details that could have been true. Her talent recognized, being considered as one of the Top 10 Contemporary Designers from Portugal.

The essence of INSIDHERLAND is presented by two inspiring collections. Beyond Memory Collection is deeply influenced by organic forms of nature, legends and traditional cultures, as for the Identity Collection is molded by forms of Architecture and Art. Identity collection unveils a series of striking modern objects considered as fragments from the contact with architecture along with other artistic forms such as painting, sculpture and music. In the Beyond Memory Collection, the author transforms travels to the past into meaningful pieces that go far beyond what the memory recalls. By taking nature’s organic forms, the treasures of native cultures or the mysteries of powerful legends, the pieces of the collection have a natural delicacy and are designed to catch the eye within most sophisticated interiors. Both collections are designed as a dialog in which nature meets strong architectural lines to create relaxed and sophisticated interiors surrounded by natural materials and meaningful art pieces.

INSIDHERLAND pieces are made by craftsmen, using handcrafted techniques, which may result in small differences between pieces of the same model making each piece particularly unique and exclusive.