Lucifero′s Italy Lead time 60 days

Lucifero's is the story of a family who, with insight and determination, founded a small company in 1978 in Bologna, Italy. Since then, the company has grown up quickly and nowdays operates a plant of 8.000 square meters, an industry, equipped with modern machineries and a specialized staff. That small company has become a leader in the production of equipment for high quality architectural lighting, completely "made in Italy".

At Lucifero's, the design of the product is aimed at harmoniously suiting the light fixture to the surrounding architecture. Based on the conviction that lighting should be at the service of architecture – and not vice versa – at Lucifero's they are more interested in the function and the visual tasks that the fixture has to perform, rather than the design. Where the series product can’t meet the task, Lucifero's offers a product customization service that today represents the 40% of them total production.

Today Lucifero's workes all over the world. Its products, standard or custom-made, are utilized in a variety of spaces as diverse as retail chains, shopping centres, offices, universities, museums and private homes.

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