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Gaber was founded by an experienced and developed in various activities ranging from conception, design, construction and production of parts in a variety of materials such as plastic, metal, wood and upholstery. Gaber itself to the market with its own collection of chairs, stools, tables and furniture design, quality and original style.

Gaber's creations born from the passion and research post in the field of interiors and the outdoors, knowledge of materials and the study of personal style take shape in the concept of design, durability and comfort that allow the company to anticipate the needs of the market. Furthermore, since Gaber follows the birth of its products from design to the creation of the equipment, the production of the piece, till its assembly, the end result responds to clear functional and aesthetic requirements.

Gaber® Acoustic Systems is a contemporary collection of acoustic panels and sound absorbent lighting systems. The collection is the favourite choice of numerous interior decorators and architects, used in private homes as well as in offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, breakout and public spaces.

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