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The Moroso factory was founded in 1952 by Agostino and Diana Moroso. The company's production is located in Udine (a city in the Italian Friuli-Venezia Giulia region). In many ways, the current status of Moroso's innovative and fashionable style was obtained thanks to the efforts of its creative director Patricia Moroso. She is involved in the creation of new projects known to the world of designers, but also young but talented designers. The company currently works with 34 designers from 22 countries.

Moroso's bold and ultra-modern furniture design, its relaxed play with shape and volume turns a product by Italian masters into a work of modern art and an element of pleasure of home comfort. Practical and elegant Moroso furniture meets the trends of modern fashion and even dictates new trends itself, skillfully transforming the traditions of the past into bold decisions of its projects.

Moroso focuses on customer requirements, expectations and needs and always guarantees top quality products.


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