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Patrizia Volpato is the founder and art director of the company. She worked in a glass blowing workshop in Venice during her teenage period. In 1980, Patrizia established a lighting company called Lamp. In 2009 the company’s name was changed officially to Patrizia Volpato.

Patrizia Volpato’s collection are created through non-industrial processes. Their chief component is Murano glass in decorative and innovative artistic forms embellished with cast aluminium, wrought iron or combinations of crystal and gold. From chrome-plated or antiqued cast metal to gold leaf finishes, from the beautiful art of master glassblowers to hand-cast plates decorated with glass fragments: every detail Patrizia Volpato exudes unique craftsmanship.

Patrizia Volpato’s design office gives strong support to architects and designers. The main goal of this creative department is to satisfy the special needs of interior lighting. Here are created exclusive modern or classic lamps, made-to-measure solutions or others based on the customer’s drawings, including vast chandeliers. Very diverse products which, nonetheless, are all characterised by a total guarantee of quality, reliability.

Patrizia Volpato follows step by step the design and the development of its creation and ensures quality, security and uniqueness: this new point of view allow taking part to the design of environments, important public and private buildings for citizens and celebrity too.

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