Rivatelier Italy Lead time 60 days

Rivatelier is a brand of the Riva Mobili d'Arte factory. The traditional leader in high-end furniture offers a new way of presenting and feeling furniture. Carefully executed inlays and the style of the great Masters of Murano are harmoniously combined in an artistic lightness that does not have the boundaries of time and gives light and a personal style of great value.

Rivatelier is an Italian workshop where dreams are born and immediately transformed into real projects. In other words, this brand is a real family, united by a passion for work and the search for new ideas. Precision, love for detail, neatness of work, elegance of form and correct interpretation are the guiding lines of these creations.

The new collection of the Rivatelier factory is called Waves: its authors were inspired by the beauty of the underwater world. The mysterious marine flora excited the imagination of artists, jewelers and furniture makers of the Art Nouveau era. They were fascinated by the flowing, flexible lines, similar to the stems of underwater plants. The art of the turn of the century attracted the attention of the RIVATELIER factory. In her new collection Waves - the same love for capricious curves, wavy lines, flowing silhouettes.

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