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Italian factory Lucienne Monique was founded in 1964. Giving a new impetus to the old traditions, the company Lucienne Monique constantly creates new ideas for the interior decoration for many years.

Creativity, originality, color and light: These are the ingredients of Lucienne Monique, an artisan company specialized in lighting and home design accessories. Nature is a constant and inexhaustible source of inspiration for chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall sconces, lamp bases, but also for other objects that allow you to decorate and enrich your home and other venues.

Remaining in the most authentic tradition of Italian craftsmanship, these creations combine influences ranging from baroque to art deco, which also in Tuscany have been widely used.

Lamps of the factory Lucienne Monique are very complex and refined thanks to forged metal. Complicated lines, flowers, leaves and butterflies of metal look completely airy and are combined with the most beautiful glass and crystal. In addition to the lamps and chandeliers Lucienne Monique makes furniture, mirrors, clothes accessories and other.

Today, as yesterday, nature remains the main source of inspiration and craftsmanship is the strength of the company. Every article, entirely made in Italy, is assembled and finished by hand, as well as tailored to the demands and tastes of the customer. This is how objects are always unique and different, like small works of art. Lamps by Lucienne Monique are created not just for decorating the interior, but also for the inspiration!

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