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Since 1956, Giorgio Collection furniture has had an elegant, refined and unique Italian style, creating superb quality products using the very best materials, services and designs the furniture industry has to offer. Giorgio Collection boasts a selection of de-luxe Italian furniture, presenting the best traditions of art-deco.

For a home that is sophisticated and lavish Giorgio Collection presents his furniture and accessories collections enhancing the value of "Made In Italy".

Furniture Giorgio Collection is made of precious wood: rosewood and Makassar, Japanese and Canadian poplar, sycamore and zebrawood, ebony and many others. In the factory, carefully selected design, colors, which in tandem with hand-decorated furniture make this a masterpiece of historical value.

In the collections of Giorgio Collection is presented furniture is not just for private interiors, but also for office options that will perfectly look, for example, in the office of the head, drawing the attention of non-standard form or an interesting color combinations.

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