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Arredo3 is still a young, but already well-known Italian factory on the world market. In 1984, Arredo3 was a small reality, created by the partners who had experience in the furniture manufacturing. The history of Arredo3 has settled in the middle land of three hard-working provinces of Veneto region: Padova, Treviso and Venice. The manufacturing of kitchen furniture started in the 1984 as a small joiner's workshop at Trebaseleghe (Padova) and after a first move to a larger factory in Morgano (Treviso), finally it was eslablished in the industrial plant and headquartes of Scorzè (Venice).

From a small family-run company to an industrial enterprise operating in more than 46 countries the world over: in 30 years of work they have grown and evolved while maintaining a constant focus on quality materials, advanced design and ability to respond to constant input from the market. Arredo3 is now one of the Italian leaders in kitchen furniture production bringing life and soul to the beating heart of every home: the kitchen. With over 30 years of experience, Arredo3 constantly puts its efforts in creating beautiful modern kitchens designed for every style with a wide range of customization options to suit client requirements and tastes.

Quality of materials, technical innovation and design are the basis of their way of working. The Arredo3 range is made up of two main product line, MODERN and CLASSIC Kitchen furniture, as well as the LIVING and the FURNISHING collections. It is continually enriched to offer updated materials and component, as well as new finishings and products mix. Making kitchens that respond to consumers’ functional and aesthetic needs, using production processes capable of guaranteeing high levels of quality and dependability and maintaining them over time. The kitchen interior always reflects the preferences and personality of each client: practical but not necessarily basic, usefull but not standard model, pretty but always getting reasonable price, durable but tecnologically updated, complete and easy too. Since 2002, Arredo3 has been operating with a quality management system certified in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard. Arredo3 has an ongoing commitment to produce and supply kitchens that meet its customers' expectations and needs by implementing production processes that ensure quality and reliability over time.

Over the years, post-sales service has been enhanced through a specific management and control model. The Arredo3 production processes allow company to achieve the highest levels of quality and reliability, but alone, they would not be enough. A competitive market, as the furniture market, requires professionalism, competence and passion. Every day company focus on these qualities that inspire and motivate, because the goal is precise and ambitious: the absolute satisfaction of those who choose Arredo3.

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