Albani Italy Lead time 60 days

Albani is a distributed brand by Atom Divani e Poltrone S.r.l., which was born in an area of central Italy, to Tolentino, note for Your long tradition of tall craftsmanship specialized in the production of couches and slacker in skin.

The couch Atom Divani is the result of an accurate workmanship, submitted to experienced hands, able to give form to the subject, modeling you little by little, in the respect of his/her natural characteristics. And only thanks to a wise manual mastery that the line takes form and the design becomes comfort.

The careful selection of materials and the accuracy of manual processing, which extends to the smallest detail, are the basis of high quality and long life that characterize the single artifact Atom Divani.

The structure, realized with wood ingot of beech tree and Alexandrine poplar, to elevated natural seasoning it guarantees the duration in the time of the product.

For the coverings Atom Divani exclusively employs skin to "full flower", rigorously selected, coming from young animals (calves and bulls) of masculine sex. The skin to "full flower" it is the best in absolute for his/her characteristics of elasticity and softness; is constituted by the external layer of the derma the more appreciated; it is resistant to the usury and able to grow old maintaining unchanged its characteristics.

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