Sangiacomo Italy Lead time 60 days

The factory SANGIACOMO is one of the leaders on Italian market for modular-carcass furniture production.

The range is wide, you will find: wardrobes, walk-in closets, beds and compliments for bedroom, dining room furniture, side boards, coffee tables, tv units and bookshelves.

Products like wardrobes and closets, tv units and bookshelves, side boards and even some beds are completely modular and can be reorganized or constructed in different way. It means that you can create a furniture peace that will reply to your and your customer needs, as well as correspond to your design vision.

Factory does not have wide range of finishes, however variety is enough to make right choise and not to get lost in offer. Limited material pallet and size modification policy gives you possibility to buy qualitative Italian product for a very good price, the price that is more competitive to some other high end producers.

High quality, interesting and modern design, flexibility and good price is a reason why many clients choose SANGIACOMO as alternative to many well known Italian nobel carcass furniture producers. "You can buy same system for twice as less!"

However SANGIACOMO is not an alternative copmany, they do have strong image and already well known name worldwide. For a  decadi the factory is designing interesting solutions that are even patented only by them.

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