Salice Paolo Italy Lead time 60 days

The Salice Paolo factory has specialized in the processing of brass since 1911, focusing on the production of unique, recognizable handles and accessories for entrance and interior doors. The combination of advanced technologies and antique recipes in the production of pens gives the collections produced flexibility and harmony.

The Salice Paolo brand is recognized all over the world. The factory boasts not only old "production recipes" with the introduction of modern technology, but also many years of experience in cooperation with renowned designers such as Giacomo Benevelli and Giuseppe Poli. Designers collaborating with the Salice Paolo factory always try to implement new, often extravagant and, in any case, unusual ideas, achieving excellent results and well-deserved recognition.

At the moment, Salice Paolo is a symbiosis of high technology and small-scale production with a large share of manual labor, the purpose of which is to provide the buyer with not just a pen, but a unique item. 100% control of each Salice Paolo product allows us to obtain products that fully satisfy each customer.

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