Cadore Italy Lead time 90 days

In 1969, Bernardo Cadore – a young craftsman with a deep artistic vein as well as a keen entrepreneur – supported by his wife Antonia, decided to take up a personal challenge and created his own brand: CADORE.

For the Made in Italy, those were years of mind-blowing growth, and through unfailing hard work and total dedication Cadore’s team managed to conquer more and more of the marketplace. A lot has changed over the years, new, excellent people have joined in, but the approach is still the same: loyal to the principles of excellent, quality-focussed craftsmanship.

Real carpenters assemble every single piece and adapt it to every piece of furniture, which is then polished. Skilled, experienced people prime the furnishings for the polishing process, where each piece is honed and aged. The polishing process takes multiple time-consuming steps to make sure the patina is evenly soaked up by the wood. The production team includes lots of women, who, with their eye for the finest details, add a precious touch to the final finish of the furniture. Then, each piece is thoroughly inspected and goes through the last step, the pre-assembly and packaging.

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