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The Jumbo Collection factory was founded in 1977 and specialized in upholstered furniture, but over the years the production has expanded, and now Jumbo Collection offers for its customers a whole range - from flowers, carpets, chandeliers, to the whole interior, reproducing the atmosphere of the East and theatricality. These are mirrors in a massive frame, sofas on which it is comfortable to sit, lie, exist, tables, living rooms, libraries and much more. In one collection you can choose a bedroom, dining room, nursery, upholstered furniture and kitchen.

All items were created by the ideological mastermind of the Jumbo Collection, the Italian designer Moreno Brambillo, working through every detail, every piece of carving and wood species.

Jumbo Collection - Baroque lines, lots of gold, velvet, silk, fringe, elaborate wood carvings, rhinestones. Senor Moreno Brambillo calls his products a new classic. Furniture, and the Jumbo style itself, is extremely loved in the Arab world. It is no coincidence that designer Moreno Brambilla uses ornaments of oriental carpets, painting on silverware and other themes in his furniture. At the same time, it is a French, English influence in classical styles. Jumbo Collection produces luxury furniture of unsurpassed quality. Unique surface finishes and perfection in every detail are achieved by specially trained craftsmen who combine sophisticated industrial techniques with traditional handicraft craftsmanship.

Furniture from the Jumbo Collection is an original and unique style that can be safely called the Jumbo style. Refinement and luxury, beauty and comfort, richness of models for any corner of the interior - all this is Jumbo. Any item is able to change the interior around it and emphasize the refined and sophisticated taste of the owner.

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