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90 years of traditional craftsmanship; 90 years of experience in the manufacture, sale and export of furniture made from woven fibre. Point products are available on all of the leading European markets. The headquarters are located in Jalón (Alicante), and the company has four other warehouses. This represents a total storage area of 12,000 m².

Point carefully controls the complete manufacturing process from the initial selection of materials until the final packaging of the finished products to ensure each one complies fully with safety standards and laws.

Point is managed by the third generation of Pons family. They have bet strong on the renovation adding the most prestigious designers of national panorama. The design is combined with the tradition without forgot the commitment to the environment. All materials used in the process are recyclable.

Rattan is a climbing palm tree that grows in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia (Malacca, Philippines, Vietnam, Borneo and Indonesia). The stem of the rattan is solid and not hollow. Once they are out, the branches are treated with sulfur to eliminate insects and are processed by removing the outer bark to get the rattan without skin. The natural rattan is one who keeps the crust.

All of the woven collections manufactured by Point are made of SHINTOTEX®. The new SHINTOTEX® synthetic fibre for outdoor furniture is completely recyclable and is inspired by nature. It has been perfected to achieve the highest levels of comfort, functionality and longevity. Woven craftsmanship, texture and colours resistent to the weather, chemical agents and breaking.

Classic and contemporary collections have joined together to unite design, comfort and quality without forgot the mediterranean origins and they get it thanks to handmade quality, a perfect design and the use of innovative materials like Shintotex or Batyline, that guarantee the durability and comfort.

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