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The word ILVE is an acronym that stands for: I – Industria, L – Lavorazione, V – Veneta, E – Elettrodomestici, which translates to 'industrial standard еlectrical appliances made in Venice'. Today the company exports 85% of its turnover in over 40 countries, has approximately 150 direct employees and a range of over 7,500 catalogue items. There are two business areas: the historical production of cooking appliances and the Kitchen division, which produces all-steel furniture kitchens. The company use only top quality materials: AISI 304 stainless steel, enamel, cast iron, brass and copper. AISI 304 stainless steel normally used in the professional field, now it’s available for household kitchen.

For over 50 years ILVE has been building beautiful cooking appliances using the very latest methods in precision engineering. Through their dedication to ongoing technical research and the latest innovations in cooking science, ILVE products are continuously at the forefront of design, efficiency and functionality; they are established as one of the finest manufacturers of cooking products worldwide.

ILVE started as a specialist in hand-crafted commercial quality ovens and cooktops in 1952 in the small town of Campodarsego, just outside Venice in Italy. The family-run company then turned its hand to the Italian domestic market. In 1984, ILVE ovens were first brought into Australia by Eurolinx Pty Ltd. ILVE freestanding ovens were the first of its kind to be completely manufactured from stainless steel available in Australia. ILVE appliances are now distributed through more than 400 retailers. The ILVE product line consists of a large range of freestanding and built-in gas, electric and steam ovens, microwaves, gas and induction cooktops, rangehoods, dishwashers and coffee machines.

ILVE is one of the few companies that designs and manufactures directly the majority of the components of its cooking ranges. Each kitchen is different and built on customer specifications. ILVE controls every stages of the manufacturing through an order tracking system that allows to know the details and the specifications of every kitchen in production and verify its conformity to the customer’s wishes.

ILVE freestanding cookers give you total cooking control in one easy-to-install unit. An ILVE freestanding cooker combines a versatile gas or induction cooktop with a powerful oven to provide you with everything you need to prepare almost any dish. Easy-to-use, fitted with a host of features like pyrolytic self-cleaning and boasting a striking finish, an ILVE freestanding cooker caters for all your cooking needs. An ILVE rangehood helps you prepare meals in comfort by removing steam, smoke and odours from your kitchen as you cook. An ILVE rangehood introduces powerful extraction and sophisticated design to your home. Available in both canopy and slide- оut options, an ILVE rangehood can suit any kitchen décor scheme. ILVE ovens and cooktops let you cook your favourite dishes with ease and accuracy. An ILVE oven comes with a variety of features and settings to help you prepare enough food for the whole family with minimal fuss. Choose from a variety of modern designs to find the best oven for your home.

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