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Sarri company founded in Sesto Fiorentino in March 1955 by Mr. Angiolo Sarri, produce lighting and complementary furnishing items worked with particular capacity and old traditions. In its production lies all the tradition of artistic ceramics, typical of the Florentine region. Sarri becomes a source of unique works: lamps, chandeliers and home décor objects created by expert hands that jealously guard their knowledge.

The collections of Sarri are born this way: starting with the choice of the highest quality materials; shaping them with skill and according to a taste that combines tradition and modernity; finishing manually each detail and enriching the object with exclusive decorations and precious materials. Every single piece is an expression of the art of ceramics, is unique as only an artwork can be and, as such, is appreciated by those who love exclusivity and sophistication.

In Sarri the quality has always been part of the culture of beauty that inspires each creation. Artistic ceramics and lighting, everything rigorously made in Italy. From the idea to the final products of the collections, everything is conceived to ensure the best of the pottery artistic tradition and the contemporary design made in Italy for the customer. For this reason, every lamp, ceiling lamp or furnishing accessory is a unique and exclusive piece, created to satisfy the demands of every single customer.

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