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Babini Office was founded in 1963 with an entrepreneurial soul dedicated to innovation through its creation of attractive, practical and stylistically exceptional furnishing solutions.

Babini Office designs and creates furnishing systems that respond to all modern-day problems: variable layout, group work, shared workstations, reception, nomadic office and home office.

Designed with office fit-outs in mind, Babini’s innovative office furniture is re-locatable, meaning that products including dividing walls and partitions can easily be moved at minimum cost to completely transform and reconfigure any given workspace.

Babini Office has placed man at the centre of its product concept. Man working in a functional environment that is in line with the most advanced forms of contemporary design, but is also personal and comfortable. Every room is transformed into an ideal workplace, modelled totally to suit the needs of the customer and user. In this way the office becomes the most representative of places where not only do we feel comfortable, but where we can be in harmony with ourselves and the world around us.

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