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Over nearly 60 years Andreu World has evolved in tune with the times, offering the practical solutions and aesthetic that people around the world demand. Year after year, the company has become globalized without losing their local spirit. Andreu World is currently has a permanent presence in North America, Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia.

At the core of Andreu World is wood, there is no other material as unique, warm and noble. Woodworking is a philosophy unto itself, it is a way of relating to the world. Over time the company has sought to maintain these qualities in all of their designs, regardless of the materials and technology employed. Wood, in their work, is synonymous with the woodworker, Andreu World has retained the same expert hands that have learned their craft over years of experience.

A few years ago Andreu World started to develop a new line of products in an area that they has not yet explored: exterior pieces and that is how Outdoor was born.

Andreu World belong to a culture lighted by the Mediterranean sun and are connected to the sea and nature. It is because of this that the company feel that it could offer their interpretation of the pleasure of the al fresco life. Outdoor includes distinct collections of seating, tables and sofas especially designed for exterior use in residential or contract applications. These pieces are constructed from new materials and treatments that are weather resistant and require minimal maintenance.

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