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Villa del Conte, province of Padua, 1958: these are the space and time coordinates which see a dream come true and take on an identity. The dream of Salvino Caccaro, a craftsman who founded his company with the idea of furnishing homes with all the warmth of wood.

Ever since the company was first established, Caccaro, the night area leader, has been making Wardrobes, Beds and Complementary items for the home. Its products bridge the gap between artisan tradition and technological innovation.

Idea, design and production: this in brief is the integrated process that develops within the company and renews Caccaro’s uniqueness with every new collection. Each single furnishing unit contains within it the strength of a team of creative designers and technicians engaged in an open dialogue and a constructive exchange – the perfect synthesis of brand personality.

Each Caccaro product is entirely made in Italy. Each Caccaro project contains a passion and love of beautiful things, made in a way friendly to the environment and the health of people. A total-quality ideal which has resulted in the company being one of the first in italy to adopt cutting-edge water-based coating systems.

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