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Frezza was founded in 1954 as a family company with long-standing handicraft tradition. The company initially focused on products for the home but, with time and boldness, production was extended to furnishing elements for the office. In 1974, the company specialized in the production of these elements. In 1992, one of the fundamental changes in the industrial evolution of Frezza took place when the company joined Gruppo Doimo. Frezza was take crucial steps, such as the opening of the plant for the production of wooden furniture in 1995; the creation of Target brand, with its young and inexpensive products, in 1997 and the acquisition of IB Office brand in 1998.

Frezza is today one of the leading companies in the field of office furniture. An entrepreneurial adventure which started over fifty years ago with a company that is still at the top of its game thanks to ongoing research and deep passion for design and functionality.

Social awareness and environmental responsibility are among the fundamental objectives of Frezza's company philosophy. The quality of Frezza's production and production processes for each single product has been guaranteed for years by international certificates and awards. The attention and the devotion required for these awards clearly show how much the company cares for its surrounding territory and witness its deep connection to it.

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