Ebanisteria Bacci Italy Lead time 80 days

Established in July 2007 by company F.lli Bacci, which already boasted thirty years of experience in the production and sale of classic furniture, Ebanisteria Bacci Srl has specialized in children's bedrooms, always in the best sign of the tradition of high craftsmanship. Name Ebanisteria speaks of tradition and culture of wood working, namely the art of decoration based on strong belief in the value of manual work as opposed to industrial process.

Ebanisteria Bacci is located in the area of Perignano (Pisa), which is famous for its art in wood working. It represents Italian excellence in the world for the quality and knowledge of valuable raw materials and craftsmanship.

Each item produced in laboratory of Ebanisteria Bacci is hand-worked and thus unique. Each piece of wood gives life to an exclusive and inimitable piece of art.

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