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Nicoletti Home is an internationally recognised Italian brand, with a 40-year experience in the top quality upholstered furniture business. Its two main product ranges are leather sofas, which represent their core business, and microfiber and fabric sofas.

The strength of Nicoletti Home lies mainly in their products. Their range of 80 models guarantee the most complete sofa selection, with about 1000 versions and three different types of coverings (Leather, Microfibre and Fabric) available in more than 300 colours. The unique combination of quality, technology and innovative design at the best value price represents the recipe of their collections success.

Nicoletti Home carefully selects its fabrics according to both the outward characteristics (colours, patterns, weft, etc.) and their features in particular their ability to withstand cleaning and stain removal processes without touching the integrity of the chromatic and quality of the fabric.

Whoever chooses Nicoletti Home worldwide is aware that they will sit on a sofa which is the result of authentic passion, highest care for details and continuous search for the right balance between design and comfort. Advanced industrial processes and a careful selection of raw materials, along with craftsmanship, precision and style, make Nicoletti Home sofas unique.

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