Silvano Grifoni Italy Lead time 120 days

The company founded by Silvano Grifoni in Florence stands out for his "craftsmanship" acquired by the founder in the shops of the historic district S. Spirit of Florence. In these laboratories were performed in the finest style commissions that were acclimatized in the villas, professional offices, the most prestigious hotels of the country representative of a style and a European culture.

In a few years Silvano Grifoni shifting its production to Scandicci industrial area on the outskirts of Florence, he has created an international company through agencies representing national and international, highly skilled craftsmen, Italian architects and interior designers who can propose the most elegant settings and we cooperate with them to furnish hotels in Italy and abroad following a logic of elegance and sophistication.

Silvano Grifoni is now an icon for classic decor throughout the national territory and is the most important events in the industry with annual growth and exports its products in Arab countries, Russia, Ukraine, United States, Korea, China enough to be a brand appreciated by the foreign market.

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